Hey, this is Dan.

UI / UX, Product Designer, aspiring drawer, and an excel sheet nerd located in Phoenix, Arizona. My design career has been blessed with many different design adventures and episodic journeys. I enjoy talking about these experiences over a cup of coffee and would love to talk about the next seasons.

I've had the opportunity to work for startups, design agencies, and small businesses to take their ideas from sketches to usable apps and websites. My last adventure was leading the design team of a cybersecurity startup and designing features to equip customers with the tools to better their stance in the ongoing cyberwars.

Outside of work, I'm always exploring new ways to keep myself creative and thinking by learning new hobbies, playing the piano, producing my podcast, and writing my thoughts on my blog.

My side entertainment consists of going to kpop concerts, fiddling with Rubik's cubes, making spreadsheets to track trivial progression in video games, and of course, finding new things to eat.

Commission by @misiwasy
Art done by @misiwasy
Commission by @meltymieru
Art done by @meltymieru

Also known as Dualistique

Being a teenager during the age of internet forums and message boards, I've been known by many usernames and aliases. But the facts that still remain true today — is that Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon and pandas are my favorite animal on the planet.

Over time, I've become known as "Panda" throughout my social circle, and people at work have started to call me "Pandan" to sort of fuse my name with my obsessiveness to collect all things panda related.

Dualistique became my final home that brands all my design and experimentations into one philosophy. My goal with Dualistique is to capture different stages of my life into episodic tidbits of knowledge that I can remember by and share to the next generation of designers.

Giving users back their time through design

I design in order to solve problems. Throughout my career, I have realized that all of us have moments where we feel like we've lost control and time. We get onboarded onto new software and new apps, and we frustrate ourselves thinking, "can't I just simply write it on a notepad?" Instead of spending time and extra brain cells, I want to use design as a tool to communicate that technology is not scary and grant them access to a better and more efficient process.

Commission by @helloimtea_
Art done by @helloimtea