RPGs and Being Agile

So what does an RPG have in common with the process of being agile in product design? A lot more than you would think. This is the beginning of my process of tracking my progress in this newly released game. All for fun. But I wanted to blog about it just to get me into the habit of blogging, logging, and thinking about ways to progress.

This is an experiment as well to see how much time can be dumped into a game, and what benefits and productiveness I can get in a game if I'm focused. By running this experiment, I hope to uncover some opportunities and reasonings behind certain processes and ideals when it comes to developing and the whole agile process in general. What is agile, what can it do, can it apply to other things, and the whole nine yards. Anytime I see a new MMO or new game, it just makes sense to put progress in this way.

Does it ruin the fun of games?

To some extend, I'm sure it does. A game is supposed to be for fun. Play it within your time constraint and continue back when you got time. But what if completing the game is what's fun for you? What if your goal is to finish games and get to certain sections of the game. You can do a lot of things if you put objectives to it, and I feel like you can still "enjoy" the overall game. Obviously if you're making things out to be a chore, then that's a whole different experience as well. I think it'll be tough, and I know I'll have some days where some tasks feel like a chore but I think agile process are the same. How do we make it feel like it's not a chore? I wish to uncover that as well.

Things to consider throughout the process:

  • Can you story point/estimate things in a game?
  • How do you point something you don't even know about?
  • Is having a goal important?
  • How can you pivot from a goal?
  • Is downtime needed to prevent burnout?
  • When is there time to do technical debt?

There's a lot to consider because a game changes as much as a market can change. What you think is important to focus on the game may not be important later on. And I'd like to experience that and see what methods of tracking progress and being "agile" can solve these future problems. So without further ado, enjoy my journey. I might restart my podcast up again to just go over my weekly progress and what things I'm trying and experimenting.

Check out the actual log and progress here

Dan is a designer, consultant, and an avid lifter based in Arizona. He currently works for a small private company doing product design and enjoys learning and sharing his experiences through blogging and podcasting.