Koreaboo — Driving Fans to the Source
— Visual Direction
— Graphic Design
— Print Design
Koreaboo is a popular news and media outlet that covers the Korean entertainment industry mainly following the activities of musical artists and actors. Their mission is to translate news and create original content to spread the awareness of the Hallyu Wave.
Project Summary
The Challenge
The mission of the project was to increase visibility and awareness of their news outlet. They didn’t have a well branded style of aesthetics that made them stand out in addition due to the nature of blogs in this realm, it was easy for competitors to copy or use similar images making it hard for the client to distinguish itself from others.
Because it’s a media outlet, my work has been published many times for articles and on various social media accounts even being cross posted by other outlets such as billboard.com and MTV K.
The Impact
My role as a Visual Designer was to handle the creation of visual designs for Koreaboo’s content. While maintaining consistency in the aesthetics, I’ve designed banners, blog images, posters, and other promotional pieces–both digital and print.

Koreaboo gained an aesthetic makeover that matched the tone of their brand and the culture of Kpop which made them stand out above other media outlets. At the same time, it helped drive and attract users to click and interact with their brand and future events.
Spreading the Hallyu Wave to America
Koreaboo is a news and media outlet that covers the Korean entertainment industry mainly following musical artists and actors. Their main goal is to spread awareness of their news and original content of the Korean entertainment industry to their English readers. They originally handled all aspects of content creation from translating Korean news to creating original content for their blog.

Upon experimenting with images, the team at Koreaboo concluded that having images often brought in more website views and more interaction among their audience. Many fans of the Korean pop genre enjoyed view videos and pictures of their favorite idols. Because of the popularity of the Korean pop genre, numerous blogs and media outlets were beginning to pop up with their own websites and news making it hard for Koreaboo to stand out when every website and social accounts are using the same images and type of news. Combining this struggle with the stress of having to always be “first” out in the news, it became apparent that Koreaboo needed to stand out in a different way. At this point, I was brought on board to help them with defining the visual design and aesthetics of their content.
Koreaboo - Korean Entertainment and Kpop News
Defining the Style of Koreaboo
During my collaboration with the Koreaboo team, I have worked with the CEO, developers, writers, and influencers to help come up with ideas and deliverables needed for various campaigns which consisted of content images, banner advertisements, and promotional material for both digital and print media.

The main design process consisted of a back and forth feedback session with the involved parties until completion of the deliverable was met. I've learned that it was a team effort in order to create great original content. In order to create aesthetics that matched the brand, I did my due diligence and researched the brand and discussed with the stakeholders on the attributes they wanted to showcase. It helped a lot that I was an avid fan of the Korean pop music industry prior to working on this project, and so my past knowledge of the genre helped me fuse the vibrant and uniqueness of Korean pop culture with Koreaboo’s brand to come up with a design style that matched both the tone and voice of Koreaboo and its content.
Capturing People's Attention
My designs helped Koreaboo’s website and social media accounts in many areas including:
  • generating more views for their content
  • pushed their Facebook account to gain over 6 million likes on their Facebook page,
  • and encouraged more interaction among their audience giving them more leverage in advertising future events and gaining more ad revenue and sponsors.
I also had the fun opportunity to design promotional designs for concerts, conventions, and events that not only helped connect fans with their idols but also gave them a moment to remember.
Designer's Note
I did a podcast episode about my journey with Korean pop (K-pop) and how its culture affected a lot of my design life. Feel free to give it a listen to learn more about the genre.